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Doom Eternal Review!


The epic Doom has final hit. Id’s New entry in the Doom franchise; Doom eternal. The game play is an upgraded experience from Doom 2016. The execution kills are spot on and never feel out of place in the thickness of battle. The weapons feel good and upgrades noticeable. The movement is fluent and controlled. The envirment is a rich tapestry of reds and blacks filled with apocalyptical views of the world. The seals have been opened and hell is on earth.

You begin with earth already collapsing to the Hell armies the cluing of the human populations souls has begun. You step out on to what was once a metropolitan of earth, the atmosphere and visuals are amazing, I’m reminded of the 40k universe here with giant cathedrals carried by huge titans. Littered around the city are massive Mecs and destroyed buildings.
As you move through the game you get strong and your armor and ability’s get better. Secrets are a must for weapon and suit upgrades. The actions is non-stop, boss’s feel good to beat and some have taken on a Dark Souls mechanic. It’s not the old Doom days of pouring bullets in to an enemies. Enemies now have weak spots being able to exploits these weaknesses can help you rip and tear through the game.

Doom Eternal is not short with my first play through being 14 hours, the story is good and keeps you engaged. Some ideas are predictable as most stories are but the beats where fun, old faces show up, and the Kahn Maykr makes a great villain.

The level design is really good to. You have earth cities, hell scapes, Mars moon bases, that are standard to the Doom franchise. But new to this is the Kahn Maykr world. I loved this locations beautiful 1920 art deco architecture to show the age of this world… but behind the walls its all been 3d printed showing how the world is hollow. Well done ID.

At the end of game the feeling was of success and wanting to explore more maybe go back and get that last key learn how to beat that Marauder better or try a harder difficulty. That’s a good feeling. The weakness to Doom 2020 are there but not damaging to the game. There are 3 in my mind.

  1. the jumping puzzles / or just jumping around the map was one of the most fursting parts it felt more like Maro / mixed with tukor 1 then a doom game. I always ask my self who would build this like that… I felt like seguare in you know space quest.
  1. Diversity in demons.. Primarily the humans / humanoids. This isn’t some sort of PC nonsense… If hell had open up on earth you would have all kinds of different humanoid demons ,lets see that.
    I’ve killed a hell solders 40 some times with the same animations… why not a black or a woman solders. Doom is rated M-17 I think we can see this. All the demons from hell could use a bit of difference to them. Little bits to make each kill more of an unique visual. Speaking of “unique” the way you can kill a cracodemon in this game might be to easy… and with the same executions played each time… it falls a
    bit flat over the span of the game.
  2. The finale big problem with this game is Doom 2016. Doom 2016 was so ground breaking with all that it added to this franchise. I still to this day remember playing through it, Doom 2016 was revolutionary. Doom 2020 is getting hit with the same problems great movies have… the squeal is never going to be as good as the first.

My over all score for Doom 2020 is 8.5 pixel out 10. This is a game you need to have, and play through its loads of fun and is very channeling, I’m honestly thinking about doing a replay soon. I got my twitch drop suite ready.


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