How to get Avichaea

How to get Common Avichaea Tags


Hey Pixel Pack, Hybrid Havoc here. So you’re looking for the allusive Avichaea to get that rank 2 with the Entrati.
First thing you want to do is get your arch wing ready you’re going to need it for this Buzzard.

Avichaea in flight

Open up your map and find this locations.

Avichaea Location on Map
Avichaea Location on Map

The Avichaea at this point are always there. Once you active the hunt, start heading down to the opening of the large mouth like structure. The nest of the Avichaea is at the mouth or a bit deeper in.

Equip your archwing and head out. These small guys spawn in the air. On the first level or the top level of this structure.

Take your time and trank him. Head back to restart the hunt.

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