Present Heist – Crossout – Donations to Toys for Tots!

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Hey Pixel Pack members, The Pixel Reboot Crew recently participated in Crossout’s holiday-themed event “Present Heist”, and over the space of one hour defended a truckload of gifts against 58 waves of successively more deadly bots. The Crew placed 2,789th out of 38,071 other teams, earning them the coveted “Green Chrome” paint and a candy cane-shaped exhaust pipe. Through a triple-matching donation challenge, Pixel Reboot is proud to donate a total $350 to Toys For Tots USA in honor of their victory.

Special thanks to Oketyler for joining the Crew on this important mission.

Check out our epic final run at the link below:

Present Heist – Crossout Part 1
Present Heist – Crossout Part 2
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