October Rig Report 2021

Rig Report | October 2021

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Hey Pixel Pack – It’s Time for the Rig Report! It’s been a wild ride in the MGU since our last report in May. Let’s look back with a certain sense of accomplishment as we begin to wind down operations for the season. We pretty reliably streamed nearly every Friday and Saturday night from Times Square. Having a lot of great interactions with the tourists, Broadway crowds and, erm, colorful locals. Who can forget the robbing space guy?

We really lucked out in meeting @iplayedmajor and @katkaishi early in the season. Bring with them a great bunch of fans and friends. New to the team is @otakuteddy, who has provided his admin expertise along with the indispensable efforts of Supplice. We can safely say this was the summer that the MGU went from being a two-person show to a solid collective of talented gamers.

A great special guest visits from @ccheekss, who is a cosplay genius, and @widescreenjohn, who—and we cannot stress this enough — makes Warframe weapons IN REAL LIFE. Be sure to follow their channels. It’s our goal to feature more gamers, and enthusiasts in the future, so if you live in the vicinity of NYC or plan on visiting the city and have are a streamer, dreamer, musician or otherwise content creator, please reach out to us and we’ll see if we can’t get you in the Rig for some chat and gameplay.

At the beginning of the season it seemed like no streaming session would be completely free of technical glitches, from volume issues to outright power failures, but at this point we can reliably stream for an entire afternoon without any hiccups. In particular, Mint Mobile has proven to be a totally solid network, able to handle the massive amounts of data that passes between the MGU and the folks at home. (Ryan Reynolds—CALL US!)

About mid-summer we doubled our battery capacity so that we never have to worry about running out of juice. We put this to the test during our first daytime stream from Times Square on October 16. Havoc and Kat had a six-hour marathon Minecraft run, in which they got tired of dying and pooped out long before the batteries did.

Special Warframe Stream

Our crowning moment, though, was on the evening of October 7. Thank you Digital Extremes for the 10k+ Raiders. Undoubtedly the first time any of them had seen a mobile gaming studio. Many have since become regular viewers at the Pixel Reboot channel (welcome!). We also raised $461 toward Digital Extreme’s Quest 2 Conquer Cancer campaign. Which is raising $100k total for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Since then the donations have continued to come in, including an in-person $40 gift from a long-time Warframe player who happened to be walking by while we were streaming — that is the magic of the MGU. The generosity of our viewers has allowed us to give away 750 Platinum total during our Warframe streams. As well as a complete Nidus Prime pack valued at $140. There is still time to contribute to the Q2CC campaign before the end of the month.


So what does the approaching cold weather mean for Pixel Reboot?

It means that eventually we will have to close up the MGU for the winter. Pixel Reboot will continue to take her out as long as we can tolerate the cold. We’ll be trying out heated blankets and mugs of hot chocolate, but there’s no telling how much longer we have. We’ll bring the stream indoors and will continue our regular schedule with an even greater variety of games. Let us know if there’s any game in particular you’d like to see us play. From older titles to the latest releases, and we’ll try to make it happen.

Thanks again for being part of this amazing adventure! We hope it has been as entertaining for you as it has been for us. That is all, lovers.