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Pixel Reboot is pleased to announce steep discounts to our marketing services meaning New Rates for Advertising. By installing new energy-saving devices, completing our outstanding financial obligations and exclusively partnering with Mint Mobile. We’ve been able to lower the cost of streaming from our one-of-a-kind Mobile Gaming Unit (MGU). We’re passing on the savings to our clients by slashing the rates for our packages by as much as 50 percent. Meaning it’s cheaper than ever to advertise directly in Times Square. Including peak weekend audience hours—but only with Pixel Reboot.


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Late last year we installed three new high-capacity lithium batteries in the MGU—our solar-powered live streaming studio built on the chassis of a USPS mail truck boosting our stream time by 40 percent. This means we can game for as many as seven hours, and more if the sun is out.

We were also happy to discover that Mint Mobile provides blazingly-fast and reliable cellular data connection for much less than their competitors. Allowing us to stream for hours and hours from the heart of New York without having to worry when the bill comes due at the end of the month. Because we’ve diligently paid off the loans covering our initial build-out and operations, we’re entering the 2022 season debt-free allowing us to give New Rates for Advertising packages.

Additionally, we’ve discounted our flagship Legendary package by $500, giving you ultimate control over a hyper-interactive, street-level marketing campaign. Combined with real-time targeted advertising to our dedicated online audience. At a mere fraction of what you would pay for static advertising in the same coveted space. At this level we’ll go wherever you send us and stream whatever you want, with a co-host of your choice for five hours a day or more.

The 2022 season promises to be our biggest yet!

We’re looking to forge new partnerships with game developers, tech companies, nonprofit organizations and gamer-centric brands. We’re also excited to welcome back our unique cast of stream partners who will be joining us in the MGU—including pro-gamers, artists, musicians, creators and even Broadway stars. As well as our dozens of friends who provide their talent remotely from home.

We’d love to bring you on board and show you what we are capable of, either in-person in New York City or via a remote tour, and invite you to reach out to us to find out how we can meet your marketing needs.

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