Advertisers, get your voice in Times Square.

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Advertise Right in Times-Square
Advertise Right in Times-Square at fraction of the cost!

New York City is back, Baby!

After two harrowing years of pandemic quarantine, city officials are easing restrictions and people are returning to the streets in droves. In no other place is this more apparent than Times Square, the beating heart of NYC culture. The restaurants are bustling, star-struck tourists are gathering beneath the iconic billboards, and Broadway’s theaters are once again filled with eager patrons. This is a great time for advertisers to get back in to the Times Square advertising game.

Times Square presents the greatest audience for any game developer’s advertising campaign, but who can afford to advertise in that coveted marketplace? Only the biggest names have the kind of capital to splash their titles across the iconic neon billboards. How can mid-sized and indie game makers, and other gamer-centric brands, reach the tens of thousands of potential customers who visit this fabled crossroads every day? That’s where Pixel Reboot fits in.

Pixel Reboot is part online streaming studio, part street-level graphic advertising space, part gorilla marketing team. We know how to access and engage fellow gamers wherever they are found, be it surfing through Twitch and YouTube channels, attending Comic Con and other special events, or just taking in the sights of the Big Apple. Wherever gamers go, we’ll be there, and they’ll gravitate to us.


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And who are? Well, we’re gamers of course, but also artists, influencers, musicians, creators, even Broadway stars and other special guests. We’re natural entertainers and marketers, enthusiastic about the gamer lifestyle and all games—brand-new and classic, big name and indie. But most of all we’re authentic people who love to meet fellow gamers, and it comes across in our interactions. We have nothing to “sell” but goodwill toward your game, brand or product. 

The Power of the MGU

The keystone of our model is the Mobile Gaming Unit (MGU). Built on the chassis of a USPS delivery truck, the MGU (pronounced “MaGoo”) is a fully mobile live-streaming studio that plays to both an online audience that can reach 12,000 concurrent viewers, as well as a live audience of the same size just passing by on a typical Friday and Saturday afternoon or evening—our peak operating time.

The MGU is fitted up with state-of-the-art gaming computers and connects to a cellular network to broadcast not only our game stream, but the street scene as well through a number of cameras we can easily flip between. It is powered by rooftop solar panels linked to a bank of high-capacity lithium batteries allowing for all-day, wire-free, eco-friendly gaming. It’s like nothing you’ll see anywhere else, and it’s what keeps our viewers coming back night after night.

Every Friday and Saturday evening we park right on Broadway, open our doors to reveal our studio and large flat-panel LCDs displaying our livestream, as well as your digital ads and trailers to the gathered crowds. Imagine an ice cream truck, but instead of selling snacks we serve awesome games and a unique New York experience for both the passers-by and people watching at home. The MGU is a one-of-a-kind nexus between live-streaming and street performance, and you control the show.

Working with Mint Moible, Capri Sun and Warframe

The bright lights and repetitive billboards of Times Square quickly run their course in peoples’ minds. No one remembers the message they carry. The crazy thing is how much companies are willing to pay to be so quickly forgotten. But everyone remembers the gamer truck—they can’t help but stop in their tracks to find out what we’re about. That’s where you want to be, and it can be yours for literally a fraction of what the big guys are paying.

We’d love to bring you on board and show you what we are capable of. In-person in New York City or via a remote tour. Contact us to find out how we can meet your marketing needs.

Follow us on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Facebook to stay up-to-date with our activities. We’d be happy to give you a tour of the MGU either remotely or in-person in NYC. Welcome aboard!

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