The MGU at the NYC Sake Shack

Advertising, not just for game developers.

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The MGU at the NYC Sake Shack
The MGU at the NYC Shake Shack

It’s true, here at Pixel Reboot we play games. Video games, to be precise, and so it’s natural that video game developers are the most likely partners for our live-stream broadcast. Our regular viewers tune in week after week because they know us and appreciate our vibe, but new viewers most often discover us because we are playing a particular game they like to play or are interested in learning more about. But Pixel Reboot is not just for game developers.

Gamer Life Goes Beyond The Games

The gamer lifestyle transcends any one title or genre, reaching every part of the gaming experience such as food and drinks, style and comfort, tech and connectivity. Pixel Reboot’s marketing strategy—involving both static and video advertising as well as street-level guerrilla marketing—is uniquely positioned to bring gamer-adjacent brands directly to their target audience.

From our Mobile Gaming Unit—or MGU we stream games to our online audience and interact with the street crowds every weekend right in the heart of Times Square, as well as special events and gamer-oriented conventions in the NYC area and beyond. This means we not only demonstrate our partners’ goods and services, but can literally put them in the hands of consumers through direct giveaways that both our online and street audience can participate in.


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Put Your Brand In Their Hands—And Their Heads

Everyone loves a freebie, whether it’s a snack, drink or other swag, and trivia games. That is fun to watch for our online viewers and keeps them glued to the stream. Passers-by gravitate to the MGU, with its bright lights and large LCD screens. Offering the perfect opportunity for in-person interaction that will leave an impression. Add special guest hosts to the mix and you have a winning marketing campaign. That reaches both a live audience and potentially thousands of viewers around the world.

Even the less visible aspects of our operations, such as the software, mobile connection and even the music. We stream to present ways for brands and service providers to get in on the action. We’ll not only display your logo and advertising on our LCDs and live-stream. We’ll also talk you up to the passing crowds and at-home audience via Twitch or Youtube. It’s an effective way to get noticed amid the messages fighting for the attention of the millions in Times Square.

We Demonstrate Quality Through Performance

As you can imagine, a solar-powered mobile streaming studio is very heavy on special tech. We get asked about the specs of not only our gaming computers, but also the monitors, cameras, keyboards—even our chairs! Every item in the MGU is an opportunity to showcase a quality piece of gamer infrastructure. As only the best made equipment can withstand the rigors of transportation to anywhere our clients ask us to go. Viewers know that all the gear being use has been thoroughly tested simply by its presence in the MGU. What advertising could be better than that?

If you think your product or service could benefit from Pixel Reboot’s one-of-a-kind marketing strategy. Please get in touch with us to find out how we can promote your brand. We can help get your message to the greatest live audience in the world and the online world beyond. Remember we are not just for game developers.