We got Robbed Help Reboot the Rig with our GoFundMe


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We got Robbed Help Reboot the Rig with our GoFundMe
We got Robbed Help Reboot the Rig with our GoFundMe

We got robbed two weeks ago when thieves broke into the MaGoo, smashing the driver’s side window and stealing our gaming computers, a remote hard drive containing our game data, a microphone, and damaging the interior in the process. While the police are investigating the theft, there is little hope that they will recover any of our gear. 

Total loss of our gaming computers

The total loss of equipment and cost of the damage exceeds five thousand dollars, and the cost of security cameras and upgraded insurance will total at least a thousand dollars more, but we will not let this setback deter us from our mission to take gaming to the streets. We’re already doing what we can to get the MaGoo back in order and on the road as soon as possible, but the financial impact will certainly be felt.

From our Mobile Gaming Unit—or MGU we stream games to our online audience and interact with the street crowds every weekend right in the hOn behalf of Pixel Reboot, I’m asking for your support in rebuilding our dream. We’ve always prided ourselves in baring the cost of this venture on our own shoulders—in fact, we’ve given away many hundreds of dollars to our viewers in the form of Steam gift cards, and raised thousands more for various charitable causes. We are now hoping that our regular viewers—or anyone who is inspired by our vision—will step up to help us recoup some of the costs inflicted on us by this crime. 


We have a number of creative rewards for those who come through for us. Some of which will only be available through this campaign. We promise that by taking part, you will become part of a special circle of close friends. Your generosity will not soon be forgotten. Thank you for your support.

Rewards for helping Pixel Reboot:

$1 – 5 = Thank you and shout-out on our live stream in NYC at the completion of the campaign! Pulse 100 Pixel Parts Per-Dollar donated*
$5 -10 = Get your name on our donor plaque inside the Rig! Pulse 100 Pixel Parts Per-Dollar donated*
$20 – 50 = All of the above rewards! Pulse a “Helping Reboot the Rig” Sticker + 2,000 Pixel Parts*
$50 – 75 = All of the above rewards! Pulse a “Helping Reboot the Rig” T-shirt  + 5,000 Pixel Parts*
$100 = All of the above rewards! Pulse special 3D Printed Mini Maggie Magoo with a one-of-a-kind design that will never be recreated.  
$1,000 = All of the above rewards! You get to join us on the Rig during one of our streams.  

*Pixel Parts can be used in our Online Store to buy things in the games we play, be used on stream to activate special requests. You Must have a Twitch account to use Pixel Parts.

We’ll be back soon to stream LIVE in Times Square from inside our Mobile Gaming Unit very soon!

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