Hildryn Prime Giveaway

Hildry Prime Access Giveaway

Hildryn Prime Access Giveaway

Here is your chance to win Hildry Prime Access though Pixel reboot.

Enter the Hildry Prime Access Giveaway here.

What You Could Win!

– Hildryn Prime: Deliver death from above. Hildryn Prime proves that power is discipline’s reward.

– Larkspur Prime: Embrace pandemonium. Chainfire and explosive potential meet in Larkspur Prime. Hildryn packs more ammo when she wields this mighty weapon.

– Shade Prime: Shade Prime specializes in stealth and comes locked and loaded with the Burst Laser Prime. Together, you can dominate the shadows.

Exclusive Hildryn Prime Glyphs 

Hildryn Prime Accessories includes:

  • Surator Syandana
  • Heimt Prime Sentinel Accessories
  • 90-Day Affinity Booster
  • 90-Day Resource Booster


Drawing for the winner will be on April 9th 2023. The winner must claim the prize by April 11th 2022 via their contact information provided for the contest. Prizes note claimed after the 4 day grace period are null and void. 

For any questions or concerns regarding the giveaway please contact; info@pixelreboot.com. This giveaway is being run by the Pixel Reboot Team, featuring the MGU. 

Thank you for participating and good luck! 

*Only one winner, must have an active Warframe account.

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