Mobile Gaming Unit

A solar-powered live stream broadcasting studio–on wheels.

The Mobile Gaming Unit, or M.G.U. (pronounced “MaGoo”), began her life as a humble USPS delivery truck. In the spring of 2019 she was born a-new as a state-of-the-art video game streaming studio, powered entirely by the sun. Now the MGU performs in some of the hottest spots in New York City and beyond, bringing the world of online gaming to sidewalk audiences–and vice-versa!

We’re looking for sponsors and partners to come along for the ride.

Learn how our Live Stream Broadcasting Studio is an adorable way to advertise on the streets – Advertise right in Times Square!

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Taking Gaming to the Streets.

The MGU presents many ways to be heard and seen across a plethora of mediums, including:

1. Print display on MGU side panels–even have the whole thing wrapped in your custom design.

2. Video clips & trailers featuring your advert or video game title beamed to both at-home and street audiences.

3. On-site live streaming games to viewers on Twitch, YouTube, or the platform of your choice.4. Hosting VIP Guests and celebrity streamers presenting and playing your game inside the truck during live shows.

The MGU can be on-site and running within 30 minutes, and is perfect for high-volume locations in New York City that normally cost millions to advertise in–right at street level. She can also be dispatched to special events, gatherings and conventions where your target audience can be found.

4. VIP Guests and co-hosts presenting and playing your game inside the truck during livestream shows.

The MGU can travel to locations and be running within 30 minutes and is perfect for city locations visited by millions of tourists daily. It can be dispatched to events and conventions where targeted audiences can be found.

We’d love to bring you on board and show you what we are capable of. Join us either in-person in New York City or via a remote tour. Reach out to us to find out how we can meet your marketing needs.

Completely enclosed and separated from the audience by a plexiglass shield, the MGU is in compliance with social distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.